Success Stories - Releasing Trapped Emotions

She gets re-married after 17 years...and finds success in life

"When I came to Nick for Emotion Code work, I wanted help with relationship issues.

One of the first visits I had with you, I presented a problem I was having with a co-worker. It had been giving me such grief and I dreaded working with this person because of the tension and discomfort I’d been feeling.  After you did Emotion Code, the trouble went away completely and it’s been fine ever since.

Also, I just hadn’t been able to get to that feeling of trust in my relationship with Frank after 17 years of being together, apart, together, apart etc.

I knew he was the one for me, but I just couldn’t get there. The work Nick did changed everything for the better and within a month we were married (again)!

Now, I've noticed more certainty in my relationship with Frank; I feel like I’ve crossed a huge hurdle of hanging back and waiting to going for it. Getting remarried says it all! And I asked him this time! Now we are growing closer everyday which is really amazing after 17 years.

Because of who you are, Frank trusted you enough to have a few sessions and I’ve seen a massive change in him as well. He’s been less angry in general, less negative and more go-with-the-flow. Our relationship has been growing and improving everyday.

I am impressed with your dedication, attentiveness and skill. Your assistance continues well after the sessions have ended, and this has been most valuable to me. You’ve offered this kind of ‘after session’ help so readily on many occasions during our work together and I know I can count on you to be there; it’s been invaluable to me.

I love Emotion Code work.  It’s a clearing process without analyzing and dredging up the issues or the past.  It’s a simple and effective way to move on from nasty patterns that have held me back from succeeding in life.  I wish I could come every week whether I think I need it or not!  Just keep plugging away at those trapped emotions until I’m lighter than air!"

- Leslie W., Fort Collins, CO

Released emotions around her heart...her shoulder stops hurting

"I started working with Nick and having the Emotion Code done around my heart. I have been working on clearing things out of my life that were no longer serving me.

I went to a clearing with some friends and one mentioned that I had a small wall around my heart still. Nick worked with Emotion Code in removing the wall around my heart. This has been very beneficial in my line of work.

I also had Nick do some work around my left shoulder. It has been hurting for the last 6 to 9 months off and on while at work where I lift heavy objects at times.

Within a few days of him doing the work, my shoulder was not hurting. It still feels great to this day and it has been several weeks since our appointment.

~ Michelle R., Fort Collins, CO

She gets her smile and boyfriend back...

"The week that I spoke with you for emotional clearing I was dealing with a lot of negative energy and feelings of confusion towards my relationships.

I was contemplating breaking up with my boyfriend for no real good reason except that I just didn't feel like I liked him any more.

With some praying and getting your help, everything has shifted to a much better place. I don't want to break up with him anymore, I want to be closer to him all the time and I look forward to being with him instead of trying to find ways to avoid him.

As I was walking into work this morning, I couldn't help but notice how much better I am feeling.

My heart has opened up and I'm feeling happier and lighter somehow.

I have a better attitude towards a lot of other things too and don't feel the constant pressure and anxiety of every little thing like I was before.

I feel like the stress has been lifted and I am free again. Thank you so much. I really can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you and everything you've done for me!

I feel like my smile is back."

~ Amy M. Fort Collins, CO

Feeling unstuck and more motivated...

"For my Emotion Code session I worked with Nick on a block I was having regarding motivation and feeling stuck.

I just never had the drive to do things above and beyond my normal routine. I just kept waiting for tomorrow to get started on my projects and dreams and just felt lazy.

I was amazed how the session worked over the phone. During the session as Nick was clearing trapped emotions I kept feeling lighter and more open.

He explained when these emotions were trapped and where they were trapped. Some of the emotions were trapped in my vertebra which makes sense.

I always had a tension/pain in my left shoulder and back for many years now. I had a rib that would go out and was constantly going to the chiropractor to get adjusted to try and feel better.

I always had the feeling like if my back would just let go I would feel better.

After the session, I went into the chiropractor for an adjustment the next day and it actually held. I don't have that nagging pain in my back and shoulder anymore-feeling like I need to pop my back or shoulder or that something is out of place.

My boyfriend even commented yesterday about how loose my back was. My normal knots are gone!!!!

Nick explained the whole process and the reason behind what he was doing and what I should expect as he was working. He never left me guessing what was going on and I felt at ease with the process.

After my Emotion Code session with Nick, I am able to get projects done and I’m not waiting for tomorrow to get started.

I now feel motivated to push forward in life and see what else is out there for me!"

~ Diane H., Fort Collins, CO

Sadness is gone and replaced with joy...

"Nick, I can't thank you enough for being so willing to do an Emotion Code session on probably the hardest day of the year for me...the dreaded birthday!

I would always try and pretend like it was just another day so I wouldn't be depressed, but no matter how hard I tried, it would always have me in tears. And it wasn't because I was getting older, it was because I would experience immense sadness every time for no apparent reason at all.

To tell you the truth, I do not ever remember having a "happy" birthday until you uncovered and released the underlying emotions associated with it.

This year was the first time I truly felt loved and happy on my birthday. I felt an immediate transformation after the session you did with me. The sadness was gone and was replaced with joy! I can't wait for my next birthday to come.

Thank you for giving me the best birthday present ever! Finding you was truly a gift from God.

You have such a compassionate heart and you truly do work miracles! I will refer you to everyone I know! I can not thank you enough!"

~ Janet H. Syracuse, Utah


Success Stories - Releasing the Heart Wall

Her Heart Wall is released...and breathing becomes easier

"I asked Nick to work on my breathing. I had been having difficulties taking deep breaths. It felt like a huge rock was on my chest and I could not breathe deep enough.

I have had this feeling for a on and off for a few years or so before the session with Nick. It came on suddenly and lasted for weeks and then went away.

What amazed me that Nick did his work totally remotely over the phone. I gave him permission to work on my issue and he did. As we started to work together, I just noticed that I started to breath easier and did not have that pressure in my chest anymore.

I was quite shocked and surprised about his findings. He told me that there were Lost, Anxiety, Crying, and Abandonment in my Heart Wall. These emotions got stuck at the age of 34-35.

Those years were extremely hard for me. I was 34 when we lost our new born baby and 35 when my dad had a heart attack and went through 2 bypass surgeries.

I thought I made peace with all of these but now I know that I just suppressed them and they got stuck within my body, especially in my lungs.

My breathing is normal. I can take deep breaths without any difficulties.

I love the way I feel now. I love that I can think of those years without having anxiety issues.

I am so thankful and grateful for Nick offering me his wonderful skill and energy!

Thank you, Nick!"

~ Andi B., Fort Collins, CO

Anger and frustration over a pending clarity and relief

"When I came to Nick for an Emotion Code session and to release my Heart Wall, I came with the issues of anger, frustration and confusion over my pending divorce.

After each session, I liked the way I felt. I had much more clarity and a sense of relief.

What impressed me about working with Nick is that he knew exactly what I was feeling and what emotions were trapped inside me.

After my Heart Wall was released, I have been able to move on with my life emotionally and spiritually.  My emotions are no longer all over the place and I have not been confused about anything.

I feel a sense of freedom within myself that I haven't had in a very long time.

Thank you for everything!"

~ Barbara B., South Carolina

Appreciated not having to do hours, months and years of therapy...

"Life is generally pretty great. I’ve crafted my life to be fairly stress-free, I work with amazing people doing work I love and making a difference in the world.

And, I know I have a fairly traumatic past (childhood), along with making some radically significant changes in my life (adulthood) and haven’t always felt like I processed the emotions deeply.

Although I’ve done a lot of deep work on myself, through much practice, training and therapy, I could sense that there were some places that were still stuck and unprocessed. I simply wanted to clear those places.

During the Emotion Code session with Nick, I really appreciated not having to do hours, months and years of therapy digging up all the “garbage” of the past to process it.

The Emotion Code session allowed me to clear my Heart Wall in a very short period of time.

Nick has such a kind and clear method of working. He explained everything simply and he made me feel really comfortable and safe. It was paced beautifully and he walked me through every step of the process.

The effects of the Emotion Code session for me were very subtle, but it’s like a sense of release. Because the things that came up in the session were not things I generally stress about or that take up any conscious space, yet they were clearly stuck emotions. I just have this sense of ease, safety and clarity."

~ Steve M., Denver CO

Heart Wall released and a huge wave of self-love came over her...


"My Emotion Code session with Nick included removing a hidden Heart Wall.

I knew it was important to get it removed, but had no idea how good I would feel after.  A few days after the treatment, I just had a huge wave of self love come over me. I can’t remember the last time I truly felt that, probably as a kid.

Also, I had also struggled with relationships for a long time.

Now, I notice my friends, family and co-workers relating to me differently and look forward to seeing what the future result of that is.  I even had several men show interest in me with multiple messages and calls!

It was a real pleasure working with Nick and the Emotion Code process. He has a warm, comforting approach and instantly made me feel at ease.

I had some questions after the session and Nick was very prompt in getting back with me — I appreciated the professionalism greatly. I know this emotional progress would not have been possible without his help!

I would highly recommend a session to anyone who wants to truly feel better."

~ Jennifer Y.

She gained trust and released chronic hip pain...

"I came to Nick for Emotion Code work and wanted to release my Heart Wall. I had baggage from several past relationships that I wanted to get rid of before starting a new relationship.

As we started to release my Heart Wall, I liked feeling improvement in the trust issues that
I had.

What impressed me most about working with Nick was I liked that he explained thoroughly any answers to questions that I asked.

I also had left hip pain (from no injury or arthritis) for many years that I don't have any longer after having sessions with Nick.

I can be skeptical about nontraditional healing but what I do know is that after my second session, my left hip also stopped aching. It still is pain-free months after my Heart Wall was cleared. Thanks Nick!"

Shelly B., Texas

The healthiest and most loving relationship she's experienced...

"It was part of my 2015 intention to attract a long-term relationship full of love, ease, harmony and fun!

Through a few Emotion Code sessions with Nick we worked with releasing my heart wall and all of the trapped emotions it contained.

What I liked about the Emotion Code sessions is that I just had to show up. It was deep emotional work but it wasn't actively painful, exhausting, or hashing out old issues. It gently acknowledged old emotions that no longer served and then simply released them.

I really enjoyed working with Nick and noticed his genuine care and concern. His kind spirit shines through his work!

I started a new relationship during the time of starting the heart wall work. It has been about a month so far and I can honestly say this is the healthiest and most naturally loving romantic partnership I've ever experienced.

I am sure the Emotion Code work, as well as my other spiritual practices, helped facilitate this.

I'm very grateful for the time and energy Nick spent with me and I would recommend him to anyone!"

~ Anna K., Fort Collins, CO

Hiding from social situations to feeling more genuine...

"Before I worked with Nick, I was struggling with not quite feeling like myself.

I’m a pretty social outgoing person and I just felt like I was in a shell and hiding a little bit from social situations and had this underlying irritability or fear.

After Nick released my Heart Wall, I felt more like myself again.

I was enjoying being around people and my relationship with my significant other felt more open and on a deeper level.

I started to notice these results after the 2nd and 3rd session.

Working with Nick to release my Heart Wall helped me get back to being me.

I’m laughing a lot more and not taking life so serious. I am enjoying being social again and feel more genuine."

~ D.H., Fort Collins, CO

More clarity around relationships and what she desires...

"I came to work on changing things in the area of relationships as things seemed stuck and I wasn't attracting the kind of relationships that I really wanted.

What I liked the most about the Emotion Code session is that it was not invasive at all, the work Nick did with me did not make me feel uncomfortable in any way and at the same time the assessment of what was going on was very accurate.

It was also really interesting and cool to feel the energetic changes in my body as he was going through the session with me. I continued to feel the effects of the session in the next couple of days, too.

I loved working with Nick, because his kindness and caring make it very easy to feel comfortable doing a session with him and talking to him.


Right after I got my Emotion Code session feelings I had been having intensified for a couple of days, but Nick did a little more work on that to contribute to me and then I felt much lighter.

Since then I have continued to feel lighter and I feel like a large part of the heart wall I had has now gone.


My awareness of what is possible now in relationship has expanded and I have more clarity in that area in what I have created so far and what I desire. I feel more confident in that area too

Thank you so much Nick!!

The Emotion Code session was fantastic, very valuable and I would recommend it to anyone and most of all I would recommend anyone to work with you."

~ Juliette B., Mexico