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Issues with Fatigue

Feel like someone has pulled your plug?

So many people are suffering from fatigue...despite several cups of coffee that are drank every day, consuming energy drinks, and not to mention eating sugar or candy to get that quick but often short-lived burst of energy.

What gives?

Fatigue does not just happen, there are many signs along the way.

The wisdom of the body tries to let you know that something is out of balance...but we ignore it or do not know what do to.

There are a few key systems we need to look at and understand to get back the energy that we so desperately want and need.

Want more energy?  Work on your digestion

You can think of your body as having "X" number of energy units per day.  As you go through your day you use up those energy units - by the food you eat, what you absorb, how much sleep you are able to get each night and your emotional health.

Sometimes, we can trap emotions that we feel due to stress and that can drain our energy or we can take on the emotions of other people and that can be the culprit.

When you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and afterwords you feel like taking a nap, notice gas, bloating or heartburn you're not properly digesting your food.

Your body than cannot turn that food into energy for fuel for you to use throughout your work day.

A few of my favorite formulas to use for healthy digestion and to help with fatigue are Proactazyme, Food Enzymes, and Digestive Bitters.  They contain herbs and enzymes which help to properly break down your food so that you can absorb it - without them you won't get the nutrients that your body needs.

Eating lots of live foods will give you those enzymes as well, but today most of the food we eat is processed, packaged, and laden with GMO's, so supplementation is necessary.

Are your adrenals a little pooped?

Your adrenal glands are part of your endocrine system.  They are two organs that sit right on top of your kidneys.

They can trap emotions that can throw them out of balance and contribute to fatigue.

Some of those emotions are Blaming, Fear, Conflict and feeling Unsupported.

It's the job of the adrenals (one of many) to secrete adernaline and cortisol (that "fight or flight" feeling) in response when you feel stressed or in danger.  This can happen when you're at work, trying to run your own business, dealing with family or relationship stress, etc.


If this happens for far too long, your adrenals can "burn out" in what is known as adrenal fatigue.  When this happens you might always feel tired, chronically stressed, can't cope with your job anymore, suffer from anxiety, notice dark circles under your eyes and many other symptoms.


Some helpful formulas for a client when they are dealing with adrenals that are either stressed or pooped are - Nervous Fatigue Formula, Pantothenic Acid, or AdaptaMax.

It can take some time for the adrenal glands to come back into balance.  Often reducing stress, changing a chaotic environment, getting regular exercise and finding time to take care of yourself rather then every one else is needed.

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