Nature's Sunshine Flower Essences

Flower Essences for Emotional Well-Being

It's no secret that people are facing chronic stress, anxiety and other emotional upsets in today's society.

We also face everyday problems in relationships, work, bills, health concerns, and other challenges.

Who out there does not need help from time to time with their emotions?

Flower essences are such an important tool to help people heal. They compliment a series of Emotion Code sessions or when a client has their Heart Wall released.  Flower essences are vibrational (homeopathic) remedies made from the flowers of plants.


Plants in the wild have certain stresses and elements that they have to deal with on a daily basis just like we do.

Plants and people both have certain charateristics that help them rise above these challenges.  A specific flower essences captures the vibration of the plant's personality , which helps your own emotional energy "learn" how to acquire that same personality trait.

When we take the energy of a plant internally, it can "teach" us to to cope with what we are facing currently in our lives.

It's truly a gift from nature for our own emotional and mental well-being.

You can take this short Flower Essence Quiz to see which flower essence may be best for your situation right now.

Distress Remedy


Distress Remedy helps us to feel more emotionally centered. It uses the same five flower essences as Bach’s Rescue Remedy, plus it has two additional essences.

Distress Remedy can help with traumatic situations and ease stress. It is a good remedy if you feel emotionally off balance, and would be the remedy to choose if you are unsure about what blend is best for a certain situation.

If there is trauma or "burn out", Nervous Fatigue Formula may be helpful with this and if you are under lots of stress, Nutri-Calm can be a good choice with this flower blend.

Keep Cool - "Vented Anger" Formula


Keep Cool helps to ease feelings of anger and irritability. It can help a person learn to control their temper and to work through problems by communicating rather than fighting.

This flower essence may also go well with taking Chinese Mood Elevator or Chinese Liver Balance.

Be Response-Able - "Suppressed Fear" Formula



 Be Response-Able is a great formula to make you aware of and release addictive, compulsive, or self-defeating behaviors so that you can make better decisions and heal. It can also help one to be more thoughtful and careful about their actions.

It can help you if you are trying to quit smoking, break free from addictions to drugs or alcohol or if you have obsessive or compulsive behaviors and wondering what drives them.


Find Strength - "Suppressed Anger" Formula



Find Strength can help you get in touch with your anger and stand up to abuse.  It helps to rebuild energy, promotes healthy boundaries, stand your ground and say "no", and strengthen your ability to fight back when being taken advantage of.

Release It - "Vented Grief" Formula



If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, job, going through a break-up or difficult divorce, Release It can help you to let go of the grief and find comfort in gentle healing.

It can support you in letting go of the past, finding your inner strength and moving forward.  It is also a good flower essence if you feel like you are a victim in your life.

Open Heart - "Suppressed Grief" Formula


If you have ever felt deeply wounded by others, find it difficult to trust others, or feeling compassion for yourself, then Open Heart may be an excellent flower essence for you.

It can help you to softly face past hurts and emotional wounds so that you can heal your heart and open to love again.

This can also be a great support if you are having your Heart Wall released.

Be Courageous - "Vented Fear" Formula



Be Courageous can help to build courage, self-confidence and self-reliance.  We all have fears (fear of success, public speaking, water, etc.) and this flower essence can help you to take action in spite of those fears.

If you feel overly dependent on the advice of other people or experts, this can help you to trust your own judgement again.