How natural herbs can help you

A brief history of herbs

I think it's pretty amazing to note that the Egyptians wrote one of the earliest know medical documents around 1500 BC called Papyrus Ebers - a 20 meter-long scroll that documents around 700 plant based remedies!

The first ever recorded herbal study called Shennong Bencaojing, was written around 2000 BC by the Chinese Emperor at that time, Shen Nong.  He advocated a vegetable based diet and tasted hundreds of herbs.

This document contains information for about 300 plants.

During the middle ages, monks grew herbs and the Native Americans introduced the colonists to herbs such as Black Cohosh. which is still used today for menstrual cramps and menopause symptoms.

Today, 40% of pharmaceutical drugs are based on botanicals.

Natural Herbs are used for 3 different reasons

To put it very simply, herbal supplements are food in a capsule...not medication.  Their purpose is to work with the body and support it in healing itself.

1. Herbs are used like modern drugs - They can sometimes mask symptoms.  A good example, is if you have acid reflux and you take Stomach Comfort.   It's meant to relieve occasional digestive discomfort, but a better choice would be Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice which can help to soothe the lining of the GI tract.

Results will be seen sooner if you address the real underlying root causes.

2. Herbs are used to regulate body processes - They can be used to help regulate the body when it's normal processes are out of balance.  An example would be regulating blood sugar, hormones, or cholesterol.

3. Herbs are used to help the body heal underlying root causes - Yep, they can support the body to bring back into balance stressed or under active organs or body systems. Herbs used in this way take a little longer (it's not a quick fix), and often work better when there is a healthy diet along with releasing trapped emotions.

Understanding natural herbs and the disease process

To understand disease, it's a collection of many imbalances in the different body systems that manifest as a set of symptoms.

A very specific set of symptoms gets a specific label - Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Anxiety, Arthritis, GERD, etc.

Modern medicine wants to push drugs (that can sometimes be needed, but mostly just tell the body it does not have to work to heal itself).

If you work with the underlying root causes (mental and emotional stress, nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload and physical trauma) the symptoms will diminish and the body will start to heal itself.


A few IMPORTANT things to remember when using natural herbs for healing

1. In most cases, the development of your disease was a PROCESS - it did not happen over night.

2. It began with some part of your body/mind/spirit being in a stressed (acute) state that was unable to resolve on it's own.  From there, it may of gone into an under active (chronic) state. 

3. The longer the disease has been going on, the more time it will take the body to heal it. Remember, the body heals from the inside-out, the top down, and in the reverse order that things happened.

4. Using natural herbs may not be enough - a healthy diet, changing your mindset from negative to positive, getting enough sleep, exercise, and releasing trapped emotions may all be needed to restore yourself back to wholeness.

5. True healing helps you to grow -  it can sometimes be a challenge, push you, and cause you to go outside of your comfort zone.  Using flower essence remedies can help support you on an emotional level as you begin and continue with the healing process.