How to quickly release painful memories

Is it painful for you when you think of a past memory?

Do you find it difficult to move forward in your life due to that past memory?

In this blog post, I will explain why those painful memories are still there and how to quickly release them in a matter of seconds so you can finally be free.

Pleasant and painful memories

The time you had your first kiss…when you first learned how to ride a bike…that one summer when you learned how to swim at the public pool.

Throughout our life, as we have an experience, we create a memory in our mind.  At a moments notice, we can recall that memory and it’s as if we are right there again re-living that moment.  We are magically transported back to that time and we lose focus of the present time.

So, what is a memory exactly?

To put it very simply, a memory is an energetic vibration of an event stored in the body or mind.  If it’s an unpleasant memory, it can be made up of various trapped emotions that need to be released.

When you have a painful memory, that memory can over time create physical or emotional problems.

It might be difficult to move forward in an area of your life…even though you desperately want to.

You may suffer from acute or chronic pain due to an old injury, anxiety, nervousness or even PTSD.

You might find yourself acting in certain ways, avoiding certain situations or people, and there may be days where you do not quite feel like yourself.

It’s as though you are held captive by something invisible that you cannot see, but the daily effects are very real and concrete.

Your very own CD collection

When I was a teenager, I remember buying a number of CD’s to listen to.  Some were comedians, some were rock and even some were rap.

At one point, I had so many CD’s that I needed to buy a special case to carry them all in so that they did not get scratched or damaged.

I would keep the CD’s that played great and throw away the ones that gave me problems.

Your memories can be like CD’s that keep playing over and over again.  It’s great to have pleasant memories, but if you allow the pain of past memories to stay with you, you are allowing your past to dictate your present.

We are meant to have Joy!

Every time a painful memory comes up for you, it’s a blessing!


It is your subconscious mind showing you a difficult emotional experience that you need to let go of in order to move forward with your life and be at peace.

Through using the Emotion Code (and Body Code) I can work with your painful memories and gently release the energetic/emotional charges (and trapped emotions) connected to them.

I usually recommend a minimum of 3 sessions as I find clients need to process the changes that we make in between each session.

To release the energetic charge (and trapped emotions) of a painful memory takes seconds, but the benefits are long-lasting.

Once they are released, the event will still be there in your memory, but the painful feelings will become neutralized.  When that happens, your past no longer has to hold you back from being the person that you love to be!

Are you ready to release your painful memories and move forward?

If you’re ready to finally release your past painful memories (and don’t worry, you don’t have to dig up difficult past feelings), then I invite you to schedule an Emotion Code session to see how I can help you.