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"Breaking Down the Wall Around Your Heart"

Releasing the Heart Wall

So, what is a heart wall?

As we go through life, we may go through such events as breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, going through a divorce, the loss of a loved one, wanting to "follow our heart" only to find that certain emotions such as fear, anxiety, or unworthiness hold us back.

If we have these experiences many times, our unconscious mind can form a "wall" around our heart made up of trapped emotions. This "heart wall" is usually created as a way for us to protect our heart against further heartache, assault and healing a broken heart.

Everything You Need to Know About The Heart Wall Webinar

What can happen when the Heart Wall is released?

  • Feeling emotionally free
  • Being able to fall in love and enjoy a romantic relationship
  • Able to tune into the heart and easily hear it's messages
  • Big shifts out of grief, sadness, anxiety, overwhlem and depression
  • And much more!

Your next gentle step...

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